Lupin's Daughter Venetian Mask High Quality Made in Italy

¥19,800 (税込)
Venetian Mask used in Lupin's Daughter
This Venetian mask is used by Hana, played by Kyoko Fukada, in the Fuji Television drama Lupin's Daughter, along with her transformation.

This mask is a high quality mask selected by the buyer from among many factories in Venice.

It is lightweight at about 50g, so of course it can be used for anything that involves movement in filming, but it can also be used at parties, on stage, etc. (In the drama series, the art director created the mask by adding feathers and other arrangements based on this original mask.)

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You can also use them for a fashionable Halloween.

You can use them for parties, dance parties, commercials, magazines, surprise parties, interior design, and many more.

By changing the color of the feathers, you can become various characters! Hana's grandmother, Matsu Mikumo, played by Acorn, has a yellow feather, Hana's father, Takeru Mikumo, played by Atsuro Watabe, has no feather, Hana's mother, Etsuko Mikumo, played by Shinju Ozawa, has a black and gray feather, Hana's brother, Wataru Mikumo, played by Rui Kurihara, has a green feather, and Hana Mikumo, played by Kyoko Fukada, has a pink feather. The color of the feathers is also differentiated by the color of the feather.

It would be great to add your own originality by arranging feathers and flowers in your favorite color, so please have fun with it.

Why not make full use of the Venetian mask for Christmas or a surprise party this year! Even as a mask as a bewitching costume!