commons&sense ISSUE62 2022

Many Venetian masks from the Jewelry M Omotesando store are listed along with Louis Vuitton bags.

Lupin's Daughter the Movie October 15, 2021

The mask of the L clan used in the movie Lupin's Daughter! The Venetian mask from our store, Jewelry M Omotesando, is the original! Kyoko Fukada and other items from Jewelry M Omotesando, such as the red sofa and luxurious furniture, were also used in the movie!

television drama【Lupin's daughter】

Venetian mask starring Hana Mikumo (Kyoko Fukada), also the prototype for the L family mask used in the Fuji TV drama Lupin's Daughter, Jewelry M Omotesando.

Magazine GLOW February 2015

A gold wallet was listed as a lucky item.

【International Jewelry Fair, January 2014】

Jewelry Dresser Award (IJT)

Actors Hayato Ichihara and Haruna Kawaguchi gave us letters of appreciation for our products.

【TOYOTA TVCM October 2012】

This is Mr. Ota's Venetian mask as seen in the Toyota car commercial, and in the commercial it is even more beautifully modified and transformed.

Published in Sankei Shimbun Morning Edition on October 2, 2012

Omotesando Sent M original cute bear angel BEARGEL strap and original power stone were featured in Sankei Shimbun newspaper!

Croissant Premium March 2012(magazine)

Keiko Sakamaki is famous as a Hong Kong celebrity and a stylist to watch. The jewelry we made with her before is featured in the corner of custom-made jewelry that you can love for a long time☆.

HERS May issue(magazine)

Introducing Hisako Manda's favorite JewelryM product, the Pom-Pom Fur Strap.

GLAMOROUS Glamorous May issue

Erika Sawajiri in the May issue of Glamorous Erika Sawajiri,

the masked Erika Sawajiri, is using the Venetian mask purchased at our Jewelry M.

Mask made in Italy ¥12,600

Aesthetic December issue (October 23, 2009)

In the fortune-telling corner, it was introduced that wearing a jewelry pendant with your birth number will improve your luck, and our Jewelry M's numeral diamond jewelry pendant was introduced.

NHK Prince of Nail Country

It was broadcast on April 18! Princess: Kanako Yanagihara Gamaria: Hiroyuki Ariyoshi Prince Kaname (voice): Jun Kaname Kaname Kanako Yanagihara Gamaria: Hiroyuki Ariyoshi and the prince of nail polish visited our store JewelryM located in Omotesando, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo! Ms. Yanagihara, our princess, introduced various jewelries, angels and fairy figurines.

Publication Information in Magazines

Hiroki Narimiya is also wearing our retrofitted diamond G-Shock, with a WG diamond G-Shock and a croc white belt for further customization. He was also photographed wearing it at the Best Genius Award, Ralph Lauren, and Vuitton party! He wears it in style for both casual and party wear!

【Fuji Television Mezamashi News, January 22, 2015】

Jewelry M Omotesando products on display at the International Jewelry Show caught our eye and we interviewed the company! What caught our attention was this gorgeous customized G-Shock. Once any person sees one, it becomes a topic of conversation!" Too gorgeous G-Shock."