space ring

¥1,600,000 (税込)

Pink space rings encrusted with various gemstones and felt from your fingertips

The beautiful and powerful diamonds created by the earth
and pink gemstones that bring out each other's beautiful hues.

Each pink gemstone brings out its own individuality to create a universe.
The soft and gentle pale pink kunzite
Mysterious and bewitching rubellite
Pink sapphire with a cute yet dignified strength
Pink tourmaline full of playfulness
Deep garnet

A pink universe rich in individuality felt through the fingertips



- Natural diamond 0.983ct
- Rubellite 7.88 ct
- Kunzite 10.76ct
- Pink sapphire 2.04ct
- Pink tourmaline, garnet

4.4 cm (width) X 3.6 cm (length)